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Umbria Launches 비트겟 AVAX Cross-Chain Bridge Solution, Claims Tech Is 90% Cheaper Than Alternative

On Tuesday, the team 비트겟 behind the Umbria network announced the launch of the new Narni cross-chain Avalanche bridge.

비트겟 The Narni bridge already allowed cross-chain transfers from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. Furthermore, Narni’s new bridge to Avalanche is cheaper than the official AVAX bridge. According to Umbria, the cost to transfer leveraging Narni is $2.43 while the official AVAX bridge is $27.62 per transfer. The estimated rate provided by Umbria is 91.20% cheaper and instead of ten minutes using the official AVAX bridge, a Narni transaction is less than three minutes.

“Onboarding new crypto users to Avalanche can be difficult due to the technical challenges and knowledge required, the lengthy transaction times and the prohibitive costs. Our bridging protocol removes these barriers, which ultimately increases access to Avalanche projects from Ethereum,” Barney Chambers, the co-lead developer and founder of Umbria Network explained during the announcement.


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